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TAMAN AYUN, located in mengwi, badung, taman ayun can be interpreted beautiful garden. So extraordinary beauty in the garden tour presented by this swing, charm comes from the pond that surrounds the temple complex of buildings. View of the temple buildings, shady trees, and the exquisite flowers we can meet after entering the TAman Ayun area. Taman Ayun Temple was built in the 17th century (reputedly built in 1634) by the first king of the Kingdom of Mengwi "Tjokerda Sakti Blambangan" with the architect who came from china. This temple was originally founded as a temple when the available distance is too far to reach by public Mengwi. Chinese architects and beauty blend of traditional Balinese architecture can be seen around the temple. This temple has a spring located in the temple courtyard, currency is used as irrigation water to farms surrounding communities.


Nyepi day by Hindus in Bali is celebrated as the day of the new year Çaka. This feast day according to the Hindu calendar falls on one (penanggal linings) sasih X (kedasa) or rather the day after tilem to IX (Kesanga). There are several series of exercising this Nyepi, namely:

Melasti or Melis often referred to Mekiis. Melasti ceremony was conducted on 13 sasih pengelong Kesanga (rather traodasa kresnapaksa sasih IX). At the Melasti ceremony performed purification or cleaning any facility or infrastructure worship. The tools or means of worship were cleaned include: pratima and pralingga. This means further carried to the cleanup spot as the sea (beach) or other water sources that are considered sacred, according to the state where the ceremony (village, kala, patra). The purpose of this Melasti ceremony is to invoke Tirtha amerta as cleaning water from Hyang Widhi.

Tawur Kesanga
Tawur Kesanga fall day before the Nyepi day ie on tilem Kesanga. At tawur ceremony was conducted in the form of offerings to the bhuta caru. This Caru dipesembahkan that the bhuta not lose its properties on the implementation of Nyepi day. It also aims to eliminate the evil elements of the human beings that do not follow the man in the next year. Kesanga tawur ceremony is often also referred to the ceremony and also classified pecaruan yadnya bhuta ceremony. Activities at the community Kesanga tawur bali will do megobog and parading ogoh-ogoh surround the environment.


Subak is a community organization that specifically regulate rice irrigation systems used in the cultivation of rice in Bali, Indonesia. Subak usually have that temple called Pura Uluncarik, or Pura Bedugul, specially built by farmers and dedicated to the goddess of prosperity and fertility goddess Sri. The irrigation system is governed by an indigenous leader who also was a farmer in Bali.

The green revolution has led to changes in the irrigation system, with the new rice varieties and new methods, farmers have to plant rice as often as possible, ignoring the needs of other farmers. This is very different from the Subak system, in which the needs of all farmers are preferred. The new method of the green revolution initially produce bountiful results, but then followed with constraints such as lack of water, pests and pesticide pollution both on land and in the water. Eventually it was discovered that rice irrigation systems are traditionally very effective to overcome this obstacle.

Subak has been studied by Clifford Geertz, while J. Stephen Lansing has drawn public attention on the importance of traditional irrigation systems. He pretended to study in Bali, especially those destined for agriculture, which is overlooked by a stranger. In 1987 Lansing working with farmers in Bali to develop a computer model of Subak irrigation system. With it he proved the effectiveness of Subak and the importance of this system.

In 2012 UNESCO, recognizes Subak (Bali Cultur Landscape), a World Heritage Site, the first session which took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Tanah Lot, a tourist attraction in Bali which offers natural beauty to see the sunset / sunset. Attractions lot of land situated in the Village Beraban Kediri Tabanan District, taken approximately 45 minutes from Kuta. Here there are two temples are located on a large rock. One is located on top of the boulder, when the tide of this temple will appear surrounded by sea water and the other, precisely in the north Pura Tanah Lot temple located there is a jutting into the sea and over the cliff.
Pura Tanah Lot temple is part of the Sad Goda. Tanah Lot temple location in the middle of the beach is a place of worship the gods guard the sea. Tanah Lot is famous as a beautiful place to watch the sunset, usually the guests will arrive in the afternoon to see the beauty of the sunset.

In this place, from the parking lot up to the attraction / temple, there are many art shops offering local handicrafts, many shops miniman and food, there are also toilet facilities / toilets, the cost of rent did not amount to much.

According to legend was founded by Tanah Lot Temple was founded by a lady called Brahmins of Java Nirartha embracing Hinduism, and he managed to strengthen the trust of local communities to the teachings of Hinduism and Sad Goda. Bendesa Beraban feel overwhelmed by many of his followers left him and became followers Danghyang Nirarta. Then Bendesa Nirartha told to leave the Tanah Lot. He agreed but before leaving Tanah Lot, with all his strength to move boulders of stone into the middle of the beach and built temples there. She also changed her shawl into a snake temple guards. These snakes are still there today and this snake species including sea snakes that have a characteristic flat tail like a fish, striped black and yellow. Bendesa Beraban was amazed and later became a follower danghyang Nirartha.


Cendrawasih dance is a dance that tells the story of a pair of birds of paradise who are making love. In a sense Babad Bali Dance Paradise is Paradise bird life in the mountains of Irian Jaya during estrus. The cendrawasih dance including dance in pairs which danced by two dancers daughter or multiples thereof, even though the basic footing is the traditional dance of Bali, some poses and movements of this dance interpretation telahdikembangkan according to stylist in finding forms - a new form in accordance with the theme of this dance. The dance theme is pantomime which means imitating the movement. In this dance fashion so arranged as to be able to strengthen danmemperjelas created motion design. This dance created by N.L.N. Swasthi Bandem Wijaya (also as a fashion stylist of the dance) in order following the Walter Spies Festival Foundation. stylist percussion accompaniment is I Wayan Beratha and I Nyoman Widha in 1988.

Presentation Cendrawasih Dance music is also supported by some of the supporting aspects, namely actors (dancers and musicians), motion or choreography, music and song, fashion makeup, as well as other supporting equipment. The dance music inspired paradise of seeing and hearing classical music dance, dance and dance music jaipong Bali.


BEDUGUL, tourist spot located in the district tabanan This is one of the famous tourist options in Bali, this place is famous for its atmosphere, the scenery and the natural greenery surrounding. Her temperature here is much more bandingakan dingan in place - other tourist attractions in Bali. Atmosphere of the hills and plantations and lakes that are there could be a location of your stopover when visiting these attractions. To enjoy the beauty of the lake, you can rent a speed boat for touring around the lake, close to the lake there are also local or international restaurants if you want to fill your belly for a moment and enjoy a unique culinary bali at varying prices that will make your tongue dance.

Please know also along bedugul botanical gardens and lake lodge objections there could also be an alternative for those who want to stay to linger - long enjoyed the atmosphere in bedugul. This tourist attraction is perfect in troop visit - much less crowded with your family during the holidays. If you want to buy souvenirs, you can visit the stall - stall contained therein, souvenirs are on offer are also diverse, from painting, sculpture, accessories, pakaia, craftsmanship and diverse other hall residents. it does not fit if you do not visit the temple yellow tradisoanal market, here you can get results in selling garden of his famous strawberry, carrots, kale, cauliflower, tomatoes, passion fruit, orange, bark, corn, and other crops his , as well as snacks to accompany your journey enjoying bedugul.

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Pesona bali memang tidak kalah dari pulau lain. Di antaranya pantai yang dapat menggoda para wisatawan lokal ataupun mancanegara untuk menikmati ombak dan keindahan laut yang disajikan di dalamnya. Berikut beberapa pantai yang bisa dijadikan refrensi untuk para surfer ataupun para pecinta panorama pantai.

Kuta reef merupakan lokasi ideal untuk berselancar atau berliburan . Pantai ini terletak di daerah kuta , memiliki karakteristik ombak yang bagus untuk peselancar dari pemula sampai yang mahir. Disekitaran sana juga terdapat banyak sekolah berselancar. dan juga dekat dengan poppies dimana gemerlap malam kuta dan tempat berbelanja santai bisa di temukan disini.

Terletak pada ujung selatan bali, di menghilangkan pesona dari uluwatu tersebut. Ganasnya ombak samudra hindia menawarkan kepuasan tersendiri di mata peselancar. penampakan tebing - tebing yang curam  dan kehijauan pepohonan menambah kecantikan dan keelokan tempat ini. Uluwatu juga menjadi salah satu tempat yang sering diadakan kompetisi surfing .